Running both HANA Express Edition & SAP ABAP trial on a dedicated cloud server for less than € 35 a month

This blog describes the steps I took to install both an HANA Express Edition (HXE) instance and an SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP edition (NPL) in a very cost effective way.

I used to run a few virtual machines on my laptop, which was useful for some small development and training purposes. But as I wanted to do some shared development with a few of my colleagues, the need arose to have a system with common access. And as the Amazon (AWS) or Azure costs are considerable if you are running the system quite often, I wanted to have a look at other solutions.

I found out that has an auction for servers that were “abandoned” by previous users. Hetzner offers those secondhand servers for a low price, and I was able to grab an I7-2600 with 32 Gb and 2x 1.5 Tb hdd for €34.57. Not bad, if I compare this price with what I used to pay for something similar at Amazon.

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