Exploring the World of IT Inventors: A Journey with newFounders

Greetings from the newFounders! As a senior industrial engineering student, my three-month
internship at this innovative company has been nothing short of a delightful journey. During this
time, I had a wonderful experience that I wanted to share with you. This journey with newFounders
has not only expanded my abilities but also helped me shape my career path.

Before this internship, I only knew a bit about SAP development, mainly the user interface. Little did
I know that I would dive into the complexities of development through well-organized seminars and
training sessions. I chose courses that complemented my engineering background, giving me a
holistic understanding of SAP.

The team at newFounders played an essential role in my learning journey. Despite not shaping my
career as a developer, the knowledge I gained has positioned me a step ahead in the professional
landscape. The collaborative spirit within the team turned challenges into opportunities for growth.
Knowing that I’m not the only one on a learning journey in the team was a great motivation. Because
for a member of newFounders, learning never ends, there should always be something new to

Working alongside the incredible IT inventors, probably the best ones, was a highlight of my
experience. Their knowledge and passion for pushing boundaries inspired me. Interacting with these
innovative people has expanded my technical skills and given me insight into the constantly evolving
IT environment, shaped my perspective on industry trends and emerging technologies.

In this period, of course, I discovered the unique quirks of IT specialists in newFounders. The office is
full of inside jokes and tech-related puns. Embracing this delightful strangeness adds humor and
sincerity to the daily flow of business life. I assume that these are the characteristics of all
technology ambassadors, but the newFounders team has another feature. Passion for food… Among
the contributions of the team, which welcomes all kinds of dishes and desserts with a great appetite,
there were also a few pounds to be gained.

While focusing on professional development, newFounders has created a comfortable and attentive
office environment. It is one of the rare working environments where you can experience the
‘family-like’ portrayal that every corporate company uses and which is never real. From pleasant
dinners to lively lunches, social events have strengthened teamwork and a sense of belonging in the
workplace. Speaking of passion for food, the main dish is always the centerpiece of these social
events. (If there is a cheese plate, the focus point may deviate.)

Thinking about these three months, I am grateful for the transformative experience in newFounders.
Witnessing the SAP development, mentoring from industry experts, and a vibrant team culture has
been a unique opportunity for me. This internship has not only given me technical skills but also
encouraged a mindset of continuous learning and collaboration as I enter the next stage of my
career. I owe a debt of gratitude to the whole team for the wonderful memories they left and for
their continued help throughout.

And a little advice for international students considering an internship in newFounders is to choose
the summer months. Having experienced the cold weather in the Netherlands in December, I can
reassure you about this advice. If you’re aiming for a long-term career with newFounders, be
prepared to brave the cold – it’s a small price to pay for the enriching journey ahead.